Liste des instruments sur lesquelles nous avons travaillé


Ampico Pneumatic piano Model A and Model B 1926  
Anderson Desk with a barrel clavicord   1890
Aeolian Co ltd Several Orchestrelle GRAND, 1500, ... 1864
Aeolian Co ltd Pneumatic pianos and push-up pianos Steck,Weber and Gaveau Duo-art, 65 keys Gevaert,... 1920
Autophone company Reed barrel organ GEM and cabinet concert 1880- 1890
Bessler Theodore Spinning wheel with a barrel organ   1890
Bates Chamber Theodore Church barrel organ   1840
Bord A. Pneumetic piano   1910
Debain A. F. Mechanical piano and push up Antiphonel 1890
Bontems Bird cages and singing bird bushes 1 to 7 singing birds 19th
Bornand Freres Music boxes Regular and coin operated end of 19 th
Bourdet et Boday Serinette or bird organ   end of    19th
Bruder Barrel or street organ   1880
Bruylandt E. Barrel or cylinder piano   1921
Calba Etienne Barrel or cylinder harmonium L'hermione 1910
Carpentier Jules Piano push up Melotrope 1880
Chordephon Muzikwerke (Claus & Co) / A. Zuleger Mechanical Zither   patented 1896
Decap Dance organ 96 Keys 1952
Delor-Pacherelle Barrel organ 20 Keys end of 19th
Demonet Barrel or cylinder Piano Baby 1900
Edison A. Thomas Phonograph Severals model 1903
Ehrlich Reed organ Ariston 1876
Euphonika Reed organ Herophon 1879
Fabrique de Geneve Music Boxes Small cartel 1900
Faliboua Barrel organ With monkeys automatons 1840
Frati / J. Muzzio Orchestrion and Barrel organs   1890
Bendon G. Music Box   1880
Bodson J. Automatons playing accordeon and drums ACCORDEO-BOY 1928
Gasparini Foucher Fair organ 42 Keys 1910
Gavioli C Barrel indoor organ and stret organ   1886
Hupfeld A. G. Ludwig Mechanical piano, piano push-up, Orchestion, automatic violins Early mechanical piano, Helios, Phonoliszt Violina around 1900
Jérome Thibouville- Lamy Piano push-up, mechanical piano, mechanial harmonium, barrel organ PIANISTA, and other types 1920
Kendall C.B. Automatic Banjo The Encore Banjo between 1897- 1906 
Klepetar Cylinder Orchestrion   1850
LAUCHMANn P. Muzikwerke Disk music Box Several models about 1900
Limonaire Fair organs Several models, 35 keys, 42 keys 1850- 1914
L'Epee Music Box Several models 1850- 1914
Marenghi Cie Fair organ Ideal Orchestra 1905
Mazzoletti E. Cylinder Piano   1924
Mayer Marix Cylinder Harmonium L'Harmoniflute end of 19th
Mills Novelty Company Automatic piano and violin Single and double violins patented 1912
Mortier Th. Dance organ Several models: 66 keys, 36 MINI TAJ MAHAL 1920
Nicole Fréres Music Boxes   end of 19th
Orpheus Mechanical Piano   1904
Pathe Frères Gramophone Several models 1904- 1912
Poirot Barrel organ with automatons 12 automatons musicians orchestra about 1850
Polyphon Muzikwerke Disk music box 104 U, 6G, 54,... 1900
Regina Music Box company Disk Music Box 6 ORCHESTRA, changer in china closet, ORCHESTRA 66cm, Corona 8A changer ... about 1900
Roullet Decamps Automatons Several modes 1890
Seeburg Orchestrion H NICKELODEON, KT NICKELODEON EAGLE about 1920
Seybold / Hohner Automatic Accordeon electric , magic organa 1925
Symphonion Muzikwerke Disk Music Box 10, 28 R CYCLIST, 38 Eroica Hall, 39 Meteor, 48R CLOCK, 100, ... around 1900
Thomay V. Mechanical Zither Triola 1920
Vanderbeken J. STREET BARREL ORGAN   1920
Welte M. and sons. Inc Pneumatic pianos and orchestrion Steinway grand, Steinway up-right grand, Cottage 2 1907 to 1924
Wurlitzer Band organ

Juke box


Automatic Harp


 41, 750, 850 Peacock

Photoplayer O, Nickelodeon piano DX (automatic rolls changer)


From 1900 to 1945
R. Zuleger Mechanical accordeon Tanzbar 16 & 28 keys 1900- 1930