Our primary expertise

Restoration of mechanical musical instruments 

We restore the musical instruments in the scope of conservation, but also, when the client wishes, with the aim of making them play the most often possible taking into account the age of the instrument. We attach equal importance to the technical, musical and aesthetic aspects in the restoration of the instruments entrusted to us. These include:

street organs, cinema organs, dance organs, orchestrions, fairground organs, church organs (automatic or not), music boxes, player pianos, pneumatic pianos, harmonium (automatic or not), automatons of all kinds, phonographs and gramophones.

When an instrument cannot be moved from its location, we can also carry out the restoration work, entirely or partially, on site, whether it is a one-day or several-week mission.

We proudly invite you to take a look at the list of the instruments which have been restored by our work shop and to visit our photo gallery.

More than just objects, but stories... 

Expertise and research in the fields of musical instruments 

Our expertise can be provided for insurance purposes, purchase advice or to document a specific instrument. We can also undertake a particular instrument search for you. We have a wide range of documentation available, together with a network of collectors and documentation institutions which allow us to trace back the history of an instrument. We have also already had the occasion to give lectures on the specific field of mechanical music.

Beyond restoration, showcasing!

Museum scenography and exhibition curating 

Our privileged relationship with some museums has given us the opportunity to carry out several temporary exhibitions and permenant scenographies on the subject of music and the making of muscial instruments. We work from the initial project to the final display of the exhibits.

Our mission covers from the research on the exhibits, writing the display texts and labels, to the creation of the didactic panels. Besides several temporary and permanent exhibitions on the mechanical music which is our area of specialisation, we also finalized the scenography of the “Musical Instruments” section of Chimei Museum in Taiwan, including the creation of an interactive multimedia installation of the symphony orchestra. 

Over the seas in safety 

Transport organisation and export packing for instruments

From our different activities, we have gained solid experience in the transport and packing of instruments and artworks of all kinds. We handle from the disassembly of the instrument to its reassembly to playing condition. Our workshop is familiar with building transport boxes and crates of all dimensions for road, sea or air transport. Thus your music box, piano or church organ may travel any distance in total security.


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Manufacturing and restoration of mechanical musical instuments 

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